21. Bill Enquiry Officer - March 2023
20. Reimbursement of CEA to Central Government servants having Divyang Chennai
19. GPF subscription and Income Tax recovery for the Financial Year 2023-2024
18. Quarterly Meeting on NPS oversight Mechanism
17. Meeting notice NPS Oversight mechanism
16. Minutes of the quartely NPS oversight Mechanism for the QE Dec 2022
15. BIN details for the month of Oct, Nov & December, 2002 for 2nd Quarter of the Fy2022-2023
14. Submission of Annual Immovable Property Retur for the year 2022
13. PRAN generation through e-NPS portal
12. Holidays - calender year 2023 - for offices in TamilNadu region
11. Holidays - calender year 2023 - for offices in Kerala region
10. Quartely meeting on NPS Oversight Mechanism
9. Ceiling of Rs.5.00 lakhs for GPF subscription
8. Appointment of GeM Nodal Officer for GeM payments
7. Bin details for the Month of July, August & September, 2022
6. Deduction of Income Tax source under Section 192 of Income Tax for financial year 2022-23
5. Celebration of DAD Day 2022 on 01.10.2022
4. Organisation of Hindi Day
3. Ambassador and Champion Model for Nodal Offices implementing NPS in the Central Government Section
2. Har Ghar Tiranga-CDA Chennai
1. ebook-Raksha Pension Shabdavali